Athanas Farm

Wilmington, DE

across 5 acres
homes powered


John Athanas, a first generation American, purchased the 184 acre family farm in New York in 1924. Through the Great Depression and multiple personal setbacks, the resilient family has used the land for a variety of farming operations: raising hogs, chickens and beef cattle; dairy farming; and growing vegetables and hay.

After nearly 100 years of hard work caring for the land, the current farmer and John’s son, Mike, started feeling financial pressures but was committed to keeping the farm and passing it on to his daughter with financial security.

Mike partnered with Lightstar to host a 2.6 megawatt solar array on just four acres of his property. The solar project has enabled Mike to keep ownership of his entire farm and pass it on to his daughter with a reliable income stream. They plan to start an equine sanctuary for retired police and active duty horses.

The Athanas’ will have 30 years of guaranteed income and remain a family-owned livestock and horse farm, the way Mike’s father intended it.

“My daughter loves and works with horses. If it were not for Lightstar, we would not be able to do the horse sanctuary.”

– Mike Athanas
three plants

three plants

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