Solar for All

Being a subscriber of a Lightstar community solar project is a way to save on energy costs while supporting clean energy generation without a long-term commitment or up-front cost. Part of Lightstar’s mission is to ensure solar benefits all, this is reflected in our commitment to increase access to the benefits of solar energy.

How Community Solar Works

Local Solar

It starts with finding the ideal place in your community to build a solar farm. Often this is private land and in exchange for leasing the land, the landowner benefits from an annual, lucrative lease payment. The power generated is then fed onto the local energy grid and goes to powering the homes and buildings in the community.

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Opting In

Residents, homeowners and public entities then choose to subscribe to a project in their area. Subscribers essentially subscribe to a portion of the energy generated from the project based on their energy demand. There is no long-term commitment or cost associated with subscribing.

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Energy Savings

Subscribers of a Lightstar community solar project recieve credits for their portion of energy produced by the solar project on their utility energy bill. The cost of energy is less than what the utility charges. Lightstar strives to subscribe a large portion of its project to low-to-moderate income households. Improving access to solar is central to the company’s mission.

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  • Energy savings on monthly utility bill
  • Making community more environmentally friendly
  • Transitioning the electricity grid to pollution-free energy
  • Supporting local landowners
  • Preserving open space
  • Expanding pollinator and small species habitats
Case Study:
Athanas Farm

“My daughter loves and works with horses. If it were not for Lightstar, we would not be able to do the horse sanctuary.”

– Mike Athanas
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