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Development Funding

Providing capital to fill funding gaps during solar project development

Lightstar Funds

Lightstar is offering funding for development and interconnection costs at approachable rates with simple terms and support from an experienced team of solar developers and operators.


Lightstar provides funds for various costs during the stages of development. The goal is to get projects in the development stage through hurdles such as permitting, surveys and reporting.

We help cover the costs of:

  • Site Plan/Electrical Line Drawings
  • Boundary/Topo Surveys
  • Landscape plan with Visual Impact Assessment/ Photosimulation
  • Wetlands Delineation
  • Stormwater Prelim. Analysis & Design SWPPP
  • Federal/State Wetlands Permits
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Studies
  • Cultural Heritage Survey
  • State Historic Preservation Application and Process
  • Geotechnical Investigation and Reporting
  • Surveys, including Boundary/Topo
  • Assessments, including Environmental and Visual Impact
  • Permits, including Federal/State Wetlands


Costs related to interconnection frequently derail projects, mostly due to elongated timelines and unclear communication from utilities. Lightstar wants to ensure a viable project doesn’t get stalled at this phase with our dedicated interconnection Fund.

We help cover the costs of:

  • Interconnection Deposits
  • Preliminary Study
  • Application Submittal
  • Impact Study
  • Easement Process

Offering Solutions & Support

We recognize that development funding is hard to come by, and often comes with a high cost of capital that creates difficulties for small developers to develop projects. In partnership with Magnetar Capital, Lightstar is filling a need for dependable, lower cost capital in our core markets to enable more projects to get through the development stage and support market growth.

We provide a funding process and relationship developers are looking for.

  • Flexible transaction structures
  • Efficient processes
  • Experienced developers
  • Reliable, experienced funding partner

Being both a developer and owner/operator of solar projects enables Lightstar to truly step into the shoes of the developers it provides funding to. We understand the hurdles facing a project along the entire lifecycle and are here to share our expertise, lessons learned and network to get a project to successful completion. We also view projects we fund as potential additions to our portfolio.

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Paul has worked in the renewable field for almost 14 years, having started in a finance role within RES Group and most recently as CEO of ForeFront Power. Paul brings a wealth of experience in the solar space, across both finance and the broader business.