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Lightstar Renewables Announces Sponsorship of Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center

“We are strong believers that the future of energy must involve protecting and regenerating our land”

June 20, 2022 – Boston, MA – Lightstar Renewables (Lightstar), Boston-based community solar and agrivoltaic developer with a national pipeline, is announcing its sponsorship of the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center (CALC), an initiative of Jack’s Solar Garden, that educates stakeholders about integrating sustainable agriculturally-focused land use management and clean energy generation. Through their sponsorship, Lightstar will help fund operational costs at the farm as a Gigawatt Level Sponsor, furthering community engagement and education at Jack’s Solar Garden.

“Agrivoltaics is the future of land use in the solar industry and we wanted to formalize our commitment to this by supporting CALC and the excellent example of Jack’s Solar Garden,” says Lucy Bullock-Sieger, Lightstar’s Director of Strategy. “CALC is demonstrating that you don’t have to sacrifice productive land for solar and in fact, there are added benefits to integrating both. Jack’s also demonstrates that we can do this at scale. We are so excited to partner with them as sponsors and to help expand education for all stakeholders around agrivoltaics.”

As the first and currently largest project of its kind in North America, Jack’s Solar Garden and the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center provides youth, its communities and policymakers the chance to witness firsthand how sustainable land and renewable energy can go hand in hand to create a truly sustainable future. By working together, Lightstar and the Learning Center will be able to share this success across the United States.

“Donations like the one from Lightstar are vital to our continued operation,” says Byron Kominek, Executive Director of the Learning Center and owner-operator of Jack’s Solar Garden. “The only way we can continue to grow our program is by continuing to build valuable connections with students, educators, and policymakers to keep our vision of a sustainable future possible. Through donations like Lightstar’s, we are able to keep moving forward with that vision and one day see agrivoltaics and dual-use adopted as standard land use practice for solar.”

Based in Longmont, Colorado, Jack’s Solar Garden is open for tours every Saturday. To learn more visit

To learn more about Lightstar Renewables, visit

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About Lightstar:

Lightstar is a community solar developer, builder, and long-term owner with a pipeline of over 400 Megawatts (MWs) of community solar farms in the US and abroad. Founded by a seasoned team of solar developers, our mission is to ensure solar is a benefit for all – people, places, and the planet. We are focused on leading in community solar development that is built with ecology and agricultural needs at the forefront, which in our mind is a key next phase of the clean energy transition.

About the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center:

The Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center encourages sustainability leadership by connecting students, community members, and policymakers to clean energy, local food, and responsible land use management through agrivoltaic tours and events. Founded in 2020, the Center has welcomed over 1000 guests through tours and events to demonstrate how agrivoltaics can be a part of a more sustainable future.

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